Is the right mushroom farm equipment a key to its success?

Is the right mushroom farm equipment a key to its success?

There are many types and models of mushroom farm equipment available currently, but not all of them are of equally good quality. But does it really matter? How does the farm’s equipment influence its overall performance? What to look for to ensure the best possible outcome? We’ll answer these questions and more in this article!

Modern mushroom picking trolley is crucial to farm’s success

When talking about equipment for mushroom farms, mushroom picking trolleys are usually at the forefront of the conversation. The reason is simple: the quality of the trolley has an enormous impact on the efficiency and safety of picking.

A good, modern trolley offers, among other things, easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving (which is especially useful for shorter pickers), automated movement of the platform (both up and down and left and right), as well as an electric energy recovery feature (which works by charging batteries during braking of drives).

It’s also fitted with barriers, guide bars, chains, railings, doors that open inwards, preventing picking with the doors open, and more, all to ensure the highest possible degree of protection. Besides mechanical safety measures, there are also electronic ones, such as the automatic stoppage system, which is a more reliable solution than relying on human reflexes to avoid accidents.

Watering system — backbone of every efficient farm

The right watering system means saving time and effort, as well as ensuring that the crops are appropriately hydrated. But what does “right” mean in this context? Above all — automated watering process.

It can be started either manually, by pressing a button at any chosen time, or according to a set schedule. Either way, a worker doesn’t have to do any of the actual watering, all he or she has to do is just to select the right options on the touchscreen.

Durable growing nets lead to significant savings

Growing nets are a key part of mushroom farm equipment, and selecting the right ones really matters. Low-quality models have a tendency to need frequent replacements, due to shrinking and narrowing, among other issues. This generates high costs in the long run, so it’s much more cost-effective to simply go for durable nets, made from the appropriate materials, right away.

Mushroom farm’s equipment certainly plays an important role in its success. That’s why it’s so important to only purchase high-quality models from reliable producers, such as GROWTIME.

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