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Korean Perm – Let’s Take An Analysis!

Korean perm is the famous and fascinating soft wavy hairstyle that is most common in males and females. According to my experience, the Korean perm is a mesmerizing hairstyle to cheer yourself up.  

A Korean perm, also known as a digital perm, is a type of hair perm that originated in South Korea. Korean perms can be adapted to various hair types and lengths, making them suitable for a wide range of individuals seeking a fresh and trendy hairstyle.

Unlike traditional perms that create tight, uniform curls, Korean perms are designed to produce loose, natural-looking curls. Korean perms gained the highest popularity in the entire world.

Key factors of getting Korean perms – Must consider it!

1. Natural-looking waves and curls:

Korean perms are designed to create natural-looking curls and waves similar to beachy or tousled hairstyles. This gives your hair a relaxed and effortless look.

2. Add volume and texture:

These perms can add volume and texture to the hair, making it look fuller and thicker. The Korean perms are especially beneficial for those with fine or flat hair.

Add volume and texture
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3. Long-lasting results:

Korean perms can last several months, depending on your hair type and how you will take care of your perm. This means you can enjoy your new haircut for several months efficiently.

4. Suitable for different hair types:

Korean perms work well on various types, including straight, wavy, and mildly curly hair. They can help individuals with naturally straight hair achieve the most curly or wavy look they like.

Suitable for different hair types
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5. Boosting confidence:

A new hairstyle can boost confidence, and you feel more comfortable in your appearance. Especially one as stylish Korean perms.

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Famous Korean perms of men: 

Side-down perms are famous among Korean men, and they also help Asian people with Asian hair tame thick and “Pockey” hair without cutting the side short with clippers.

While Korean perms are a popular trend that gained popularity with South Korean actors, K-pop, and other famous stars, the perms are sported by individuals who want to achieve a trendy and mesmerizing hairstyle. Here are a few Celebrities who are well-known for their Korean perms.

Kim Woo Bin: 

The South Korean actor and famous model Kim Woo Bin has been spotted with various hairstyles, including  Korean perms. His wavy hair has become a signature look for him.

Park Seo Joon:

Famous Korean actor Park Seo Joon is experimenting with different hairstyles, and he has been seen with a Korean perm that adds excellent volume and texture to his hair.

Ji chang wook:

Ji Chang Wook, a famous South Korean actor, has also spotted Korean perms in some of his projects, giving him more popularity. 

Ji chang wook
Source: Kdramaunni

Korean perms for men are popular among actors and the general population in South Korea and beyond. They are known for their trendy appearance. Keep in mind that hairstyle trends can change over time.

Famous Korean perms for women:

Korean perms for women have been quite popular in South Korea. Female celebrities have sported these stylish and versatile hairstyles. Here are some famous South Korean female celebrities who have been known for their Korean perms or similar wavy and curly hairstyles.

Krystal Jung: 

As a K-pop group member and an actress, Krystal Jung has sported Korean perms and other wavy hairstyles, enhancing her trendy and youthful appearance.

Krystal Jung
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Kim Tae Hee: 

Kim Tae Hee, known for her roles in dramas like “Stairway to Heaven” and “My Princess,” has occasionally worn Korean perms to add volume and style to her hair.

IU (Lee Ji Eun): 

The popular singer-songwriter and actress IU has experimented with various hairstyles, including Korean perms and loose waves, to match her diverse music and acting projects.

These South Korean female celebrities have embraced Korean perms and other wavy hairstyles to achieve a fashionable and sophisticated look. Korean perms for women are often chosen to enhance their overall appearance and complement their on-screen or public persons.

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Hairstyles can vary with each celebrity’s project, and trends change over time, but Korean perms remain a popular choice for those seeking textured and stylish hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How is a Korean perm different from a traditional perm?

Korean perms produce softer and more natural-looking curls or waves than traditional perms, which often create tight, uniform curls.

2. Is a Korean perm damaging to the hair?

Like any chemical hair treatment, Korean perms can cause damage if not done properly or properly cared for afterward. Using appropriate hair care products and regular conditioning can help minimize damage.

3. How much does a Korean perm cost?

The cost of a Korean perm can vary depending on your location, the salon’s reputation, and the length and thickness of your hair.

4. Can I wash my hair immediately after getting a Korean perm?

It’s typically recommended to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after a Korean perm to allow the curls to set properly.


In conclusion, Korean perms are the most famous hairstyle. To ensure the best results, consult a professional stylist experienced in Korean perms and follow the guidance. 

The Korean perm process involves washing, prepping, curling, digital control of temperature and curl pattern, neutralizing, and conditioning. Aftercare includes using specific hair care products and sulphate-free shampoos to preserve the perm’s results.

Ultimately, Korean perms offer a fashionable way to transform your hairstyle, boost confidence, and achieve a textured, trendy look that suits various occasions and preferences.

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