Prestige Dew Drops Review

My days as a management expert heading a new company are frequently occupied with high-intensity tasks and strategic decision-making. I found peace at Prestige Dew Drops, a sanctuary nestled in the lush surroundings of Doddaballapur Main Road, Adde Vishwanathapura, Rajanukunte, Bengaluru, where I was looking for a calm escape from the busy city life. Let me introduce myself.

I’m an experienced leader navigating the fast-paced startup industry. I was looking for a spacious home in Rajanakunte, Bangalore, to escape the chaos of business ventures. Prestige Dew Drops appealed to me because they promised a luxurious yet peaceful lifestyle.

I wasn’t just drawn to this upscale community of only 25 villas spread over 5 acres by its gorgeous surroundings and lavish amenities. It was the promise of a way of life in which every element is painstakingly chosen to provide an unmatched level of luxury and tranquillity.

Located just a short walk from the Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort and next to Prestige North West County, Prestige Dew Drops is the pinnacle of elegance and exclusivity. This community is more than just a housing development with wide, well-maintained internal roads entwined with lush green spaces; it’s a haven from the bustle, engulfing residents in the peaceful embrace of nature.

Let’s get started with my Prestige Dew Drops review, and I hope it will help you find your perfect home.

Prestige Dew Drops Amenities You’ll Love

I’m excited to present the range of Prestige Dew Drops amenities that make daily life exciting in the community. 

1. Imagine having not one but two shimmering pools that beg you to take a cool dip on a sunny day. 

2. Table tennis is another activity that will satisfy the competitive spirit and keep the fun and adrenaline flowing.

3. A brand-new, cutting-edge gym ready to take your fitness goals to the next level is waiting for you. Provident Ecopolitan makes sure there is something for everyone, regardless of experience level in athletics or stage of wellness journey.

With facilities like this, life becomes an exciting journey full of possibilities and never-ending excitement. Take a chance, push yourself, and live life to the fullest in Provident Ecopolitan’s property for sale in Rajanakunte, Bangalore.

Prestige Dew Drops Price: Prestige Dew Drops promises luxurious living amidst peaceful surroundings with 3 and 4 BHK villa apartments for sale in Rajanakunte, Bangalore, starting at Rs. 6.99* crore.

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A Home In Prestige Dew Drops 

1. Location Advantages

Provident Ecopolitan’s apartments for sale in Rajanakunte, Bangalore, tucked away in the prosperous Yelahanka neighbourhood, are ideally situated to meet the varied demands of my multigenerational family. For an executive running a startup, convenience in terms of basic facilities is critical. With prestigious schools like Poola School only a short stroll away and first-rate medical facilities like Raksha Health Care a few minutes away, I can relax knowing that my parents’ medical needs and my children’s schooling are well taken care of.

Additionally, the ease of access to banks and shopping malls like SMart guarantees that daily necessities are never far from hand. The airport is only a thirty-minute drive away, and Bellary Road makes it simple to reach central Bengaluru. Provident Ecopolitan is the best solution for my family’s needs because it provides the optimum balance of accessibility and convenience.

2. Lifestyle At Prestige Dew Drops

Only 25 flats for sale in Rajanakunte, Bangalore, are available at Prestige Dew Drops, which offers a private lifestyle amid verdant settings on five immaculately maintained acres. With their expansive rooms and exquisite craftsmanship, each villa is the pinnacle of luxury. Wide interior corridors and green spaces enhance the common areas, which also benefit from the lush surroundings’ clean air and lovely vistas. Prestige Dew Drops offers an impeccable lifestyle with well-thought-out details.

3. Prestige Group’s Reputation

The Prestige Group has become one of India’s leading real estate developers over the last ten years, making a lasting impression on a variety of asset classes. Since its founding in 1986, the organisation has consistently provided excellence in the real estate sector, setting standards for excellence and innovation under the leadership of the visionary CMD Irfan Razack and his brothers Rezwan and Noaman Razack.


Prestige Dew Drops have provided me with a fantastic experience. As an executive at a startup, it seemed impossible to find the ideal balance between elegance, cost, and peace of mind. Prestige Dew Drops’s flats for sale in Rajanakunte, Bangalore, are, however, far beyond my expectations in every way. Every element, from the well-designed homes to the tranquil surroundings, has been carefully considered. In addition, this elite Prestige Dew Drops pricing makes it a unique find in the current real estate market. I am honestly very happy that I bought a home in Prestige Dew Drops and that I checked the verified apartments for sale on before

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