Ricky Vaughn Haircut

Ricky Vaughn Haircut – Must Try This!

Are you a die-hard fan of sports movies and always on the lookout for that perfect, attention-grabbing hairstyle? Well, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the exciting world of the “Ricky Vaughn haircut.

I’m going to take you on an exciting journey through everything you need to know about it. Get ready to learn how to rock the Ricky Vaughn haircut with absolute confidence!

This is one of the most famous movie hairstyles, especially for baseball fans. No matter your face shape or hair type, this hair design will give you a relaxed look. You can style it however you like.

 Let’s dive into this article to get more information and save your time. Stay with us!

What is Ricky Vaughn’s Haircut? – For Those Who Don’t Know!

This is a special Fusion Look:

The Ricky Vaughn haircut is a striking blend of opposites that creates a one-of-a-kind style. It combines the precise neatness of a buzz cut on the sides and back with a wavy top’s wild, natural charm.

Source: kansascity

This fusion of contrasting elements is the key to its allure, offering a look that seamlessly transitions from sharp to chaotic.

Hairstyles with personality:

What sets the Ricky Vaughn haircut apart is its inherent rebelliousness. It’s a hairstyle that defies norms and embraces individuality.

The buzz cut represents conformity, while the messy top signifies a spirit unafraid of breaking the rules. It connects to the unpredictability of Charlie Sheen’s “Wild Thing” character in movies.

Step-by-Step Guide for Ricky Vaughn Hairdo – All You Need This!

Step 1: Consult with Your Barber

  • Before diving headfirst into the Ricky Vaughn haircut, it’s essential to consult a skilled barber familiar with this style. Communication is key.
  • Show them pictures and discuss the length and styling preferences to ensure you get the desired look.

Step 2: Working With The Clipper

  • The sides and back are typically shaved short using clippers. Depending on your preference, you can choose a specific clipper guard size to achieve the desired length.
  • The key is to create a sharp contrast between the top and sides.


Step 3: Don’t Touch The Top

  • The hallmark of the Ricky Vaughn haircut is the untamed, wavy top. It’s important to leave the top section of your hair untouched, allowing it to grow long and free.
  • The length on top should be long enough to create the signature messy look.

Step 4: Accept the Unexpected

  • To style the top section, use a high-hold styling product like a strong-hold pomade or wax. Apply it to your damp hair and scrunch it to create a messy and chaotic appearance.
  • The goal is to mimic the carefree look of “Wild Thing” Vaughn.

Step 5: Maintain the Look

  • Regular side and back trims are essential to keep the contrast sharp. However, be careful not to trim the top too much, as the length is crucial for achieving the Ricky Vaughn aesthetic.
  • By following these steps, you will get this haircut easily. Make sure you read this step carefully. So go and get your Ricky Vaughn style!
Maintain the Look
source: Reddit

How To Style Ricky Vaughn’s Haircut? – Ultimate Solution!

Utilize High-Quality Products:

  • The foundation of a great Ricky Vaughn style is the right product. Opt for a high-quality styling product with a stronghold.
  • This choice is crucial as it enables you to create that sought-after messy and windswept appearance on top. It’s the key to achieving that signature bedhead look that exudes a carefree vibe.

Let Nature Do Its Thing: 

  • Don’t shy away from the simplicity of nature. Allow your hair to air dry naturally. This approach saves resources and contributes to a more natural and unforced appearance.
  • Embracing the power of air drying enhances the Ricky Vaughn haircut’s authenticity.

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Play With Versatility: 

  • Part of the fun of this style is its versatility. Experiment with different parting styles to discover the one that suits you best.
  • Alternatively, let your hair fall naturally to embrace the wild side fully. The Ricky Vaughn haircut thrives on being adaptable and offering you choices.

Recognize and Value Errors: 

  • Remember, the Ricky Vaughn haircut isn’t about perfection. It’s about embracing the carefree and rebellious spirit it represents.
  • So, don’t fret about achieving a flawlessly polished look. In fact, it’s the imperfections that give this style its character and charm.

Following these steps will teach you how to style this haircut every day. So go and get yourself a Ricky Vaughn haircut!

Tips On Maintaining Ricky Vaughn Haircut – Essential Information!

Firstly, Regularly Trim Your Hair: 

To maintain the striking contrast that defines the Ricky Vaughn haircut, it’s crucial to schedule regular trims. Keeping the sides and back neatly trimmed ensures that the focus remains on the wild and untamed top section of your hair.

Firstly, Regularly Trim Your Hair

Secondly, Use Quality Products: 

Achieving that untamed, windswept look on top demands the right tools. Invest in high-quality styling products with a stronghold. These products will help you keep your hair looking wild and effortlessly chaotic, just like the rebellious spirit of “Wild Thing” Vaughn himself.

Thirdly, Your Hair Hydration Matters: 

Healthy hair is key to a successful Ricky Vaughn haircut. Make sure your hair stays well-hydrated by using a good conditioner. Additionally, try to avoid excessive heat styling, as this can lead to dryness and damage.

Lastly, accept the imperfections:

The most crucial tip for maintaining the Ricky Vaughn haircut is to embrace imperfections. Remember that this style is all about defying conventions and exuding confidence.

Do not worry if your hair is not perfectly styled every day; let it flow naturally and take pride in your individual appearance.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Ricky Vaughn haircut remains iconic and continues to make a bold statement about your individuality and self-confidence.

11 Styles Inspired by Ricky Vaughn Hair Design – Explore This!

  • The Classic Ricky Vaughn: Staying true to the original, this style features a buzz cut on the sides and back, paired with a wild and untamed top.
  • The Modern Wild Thing: A contemporary twist on the Ricky Vaughn, with a slightly shorter top and a faded undercut for a more updated appearance.
  • The Casual Chaos: This version opts for a relaxed vibe with a messy top that’s less defined, embracing a carefree aesthetic.
  • The Suave Wild Thing: For those seeking sophistication, pair the rugged top with a well-groomed beard to create a stylish yet rebellious look.
  • The Sporty Rebel: Add shaved designs or patterns to the sides for an extra dose of edginess that complements the chaotic top.
  • The Rockstar Vibes: Incorporate longer and wavier top hair for a rock and roll-inspired aesthetic that exudes confidence.
  • The Surfer Dude: Embrace beachy vibes with tousled waves on top and an attitude that’s as laid-back as it gets.
  • The Hipster Hybrid: Blend the Ricky Vaughn top with a trendy undercut for a unique and stylish fusion of styles.
  • The Punk Icon: Add vibrant colors or highlights to achieve a punk-inspired take on the classic Ricky Vaughn look.
  • The Vintage Wild Thing: Take a trip back to the ’80s with a more exaggerated and voluminous top for a touch of nostalgia.
  • The Minimalist Rebel: Keep the top’s length but maintain a clean and neat appearance on the sides, offering a more understated yet confident look.

Regardless of your style, the Ricky Vaughn haircut serves as a canvas for self-expression. Embrace the chaos, exude confidence, and proudly wear the look that resonates with your unique personality and style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are the Ricky Vaughn hairstyle and the Wild Thing haircut the same?

Although they are not the same, the Wild Thing haircut from the film “Major League” served as inspiration for Ricky Vaughn’s hairstyle.

2. Can I get Ricky Vaughn’s hair design with curly hair?

Yes, you can achieve the Ricky Vaughn hair design with curly hair by following the same principles of a buzz cut on the sides and back with a wild top, using styling products to create the desired look.

3. How often should I get a trim to maintain my Ricky Vaughn haircut?

To maintain the Ricky Vaughn haircut’s sharp contrast, it’s advisable to get a trim approximately every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.


To sum up:

The Ricky Vaughn haircut is a bold and versatile style inspired by the “Wild Thing” character. It’s suitable for both men and women, complements various face shapes, and can be achieved with different hair types, including curly hair.

Regular trims, high-quality products, and self-confidence are key to rocking this iconic look. So go and get your Ricky Vaughn haircut now!

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