Services of Institutional Crypto Custody

Liquidity is the lifeblood of the cryptocurrency market. Trading platforms with high liquidity attract investors through quick order execution, less volatile prices, and short spreads (the difference between buy and sell prices). This creates favorable conditions for trading and investments and is crucial for institutional trading crypto.

Companies that invest in crypto, usually possess large capitals. Conducting large-volume transactions requires high liquidity. To maintain a sufficient liquidity level, exchanges require crypto market-making services. By pouring large trading volumes, they ensure stable and efficient trading for other market participants. Let’s talk about crypto exchange market making in more detail.

Who Can Be a Crypto Market Maker?

A crypto exchange market maker can be various entities, including:

● Specialized companies – firms dedicated to market-making activities in the cryptocurrency space (e.g. Wintermute).

● Financial entities – traditional financial institutions or entities with a focus on providing liquidity in the crypto market (e.g. Jump Trading).

● High-frequency traders – engage in high-frequency trading strategies and actively participate in the crypto market to maintain liquidity (e.g. Alameda Research).

● Algorithmic trading firms – companies that utilize computer programs and algorithms to execute trades quickly and efficiently (e.g. GSR – the pioneer in market making in the crypto market).

The Essence of Market Making in Crypto

The essence of market-making lies in providing liquidity and facilitating smooth trading by continuously placing buy and sell orders for specific assets. By injecting large trading amounts into the market, they ensure any arising order will be swiftly executed.

 Market makers play a crucial role in reducing bid-ask spreads, ensuring price stability, and enhancing overall market efficiency. Exchanges that cooperate with market makers usually offer fair prices, while the difference between buying and selling prices is minimal.

What is a Crypto Market Maker Strategy?

Delta-neutral market making is a strategy where market makers manage risk by assessing the directional exposure of their portfolio, known as delta. To offset this exposure, they take opposite positions, often using derivatives like futures contracts.

For instance, if a market maker holds a significant amount of a cryptocurrency, they may sell futures contracts for that crypto to hedge against potential price drops. The goal is to balance gains or losses in the portfolio, reducing risk in the face of market volatility. Market makers continually adjust their positions to stay delta-neutral, adapting to changing market conditions. This cryptocurrency market-making strategy serves as a risk management approach in unpredictable crypto markets.

Market makers are crucial for maintaining liquidity and efficient trading in the cryptocurrency market. By injecting significant trading volumes, they ensure prompt order execution and contribute to overall market stability.

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