Short Sides Long Top Haircut

Short Sides Long Top Haircut – Expose Dynamic Men’s Style In 2023!

The Short Sides Long Top Haircut has captured the imagination of men seeking a unique and visible hairstyle that releases confidence and individuality.

With short sides and a longer top, these styles turn heads. Whether casual or formal, from Peaked Edgar to Textured Crops with Faded Sides, enhance your charm. Explore the trend that boosts your interest in 2023!  

Let’s dive into the captivating styles that showcase the versatility and allure of this trend!

What Is The Short Sides Long Top Haircut? – Ready To Transform Your Look!

The Short Sides Long Top Haircut is a trendy hairstyle where the sides of your head are cut short while the upper part is left longer.

What Is The Short Sides Long Top Haircut
Source: haircutinspiration

Moreover, this contrast gives your hair a fantastic and eye-catching look. Shorter sides define your face, while the longer top lets you style your hair differently, from neat to messy, depending on your mood.

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This haircut works for all ages as well as occasions, offering a blend of style and convenience that’s hard to beat.

Why Choose the Short Sides Long Top Haircut? – Say Goodbye To Old Hairs Style!

The interest in the Short Sides Long Top Haircut lies in its conformability. With shorter sides, your hair is easy to manage as well as it looks neat.

Why Choose the Short Sides Long Top Haircut
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On the other hand, the more extended top section allows you to experiment with various styles, making it perfect for formal events or casual outings. Short Sides Long Top Haircut style suits people of all ages and keeps up with the latest trends while maintaining a timeless charm.

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So, if you want a stylish and practical haircut that lets you express yourself, the Short Sides Long Top Haircut is an excellent choice.

15 Awesome Long Top Haircuts for Men – Explore Captivating Styles of Short Sides!

Tossed Semi Curly Top with Faded Sides:

To begin with, The Tossed Semi Curly Top with Faded Sides style is a fabulous mix of casual and modern vibes. It pairs a slightly curly, messy top, adding a natural flow with sides that gradually become shorter. Moreover, This creates a clean transition and a balanced look.

Notably, This style effortlessly blends a relaxed feel with a touch of modern class, making it great for people who want to look stylish in easygoing. This style lets you show off your flair, whether going out casually or to a fancier event.

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Peaked Edgar:

Peaked Edgar style is about looking sharp and put together. In fact, Imagine bold lines and a distinctive forehead peak creating a neat and daring appearance.

Peaked Edgar
Source: therighthairstyles

Such style gives you a polished look with a touch of edge, making you stand out confidently. If you like a structured and sleek vibe, the Peaked Edgar is the way to go.

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Artistic Lined Caesar:

The Artistic Lined Caesar style adds a creative touch to a classic look. Imagine the timeless Caesar cut with a twist of artistry. This style features intricate lines carved into the faded sides, turning your haircut into a personalized canvas.

Resultantly, A modern appearance that stands out. Because, It’s like having your unique signature score into your hair, showcasing your individuality stylishly and imaginatively.

Uneven Flat Top Fade:

Picture a hairstyle that’s all about breaking the rules – that’s the Uneven Flat Top Fade. Notably, This style brings a bold twist to the classic flat-top haircut.

The top section is cut with varying lengths, creating a dynamic effect that’s hard to miss. Paired with expertly faded sides, this hairstyle screams confidence and individuality.

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and embrace a daring and stylish look, the Uneven Flat Top Fade is your ticket to hair that genuinely turns heads.

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Short Rolling Pompadour:

Imagine a classic style getting a trendy makeover – the Short Rolling Pompadour. This look takes the timeless pompadour and adds a modern touch. The top is complete and rolls elegantly into shorter sides.

Short Rolling Pompadour
Source: latest

It’s a mix of vintage and modern that gives you an attractive vibe. Whether going for a sophisticated event or a casual outing, the Short Rolling Pompadour lets you stand out with confidence and style.

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High Bald Fade with Curls:

Imagine a hairstyle that’s both bold and natural – that’s the magic of the High Bald Fade with Curls. This style features a clean, high-side fade that gradually blends into longer curls on top. The high fade creates a sharp, defined look, while the curls add a free-spirited charm.

It’s a confident combination of sleek and casual, making it a standout choice for those who want to accept their natural texture.

Lazy Quiff:

Meet the Lazy Quiff, a hairstyle about relaxed elegance. Imagine an effortlessly stylish hairstyle – that’s what the Lazy Quiff brings.

With a balance between a laid-back top and shorter sides, this look is the perfect blend of casual charm. It’s like saying, “I’m cool without even trying.” 

The Lazy Quiff captures an easygoing essence that suits various occasions, making it a go-to choice for those who want a fashionable yet fuss-free look.

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Tapered Mohawk and Side Designs:

A Hairstyle that’s all about being bold and creative. The Tapered Mohawk with Side Designs is precisely that. This style starts with a taper, with short sides, gradually blending into longer hair on top. But here’s the exciting part: the sides come alive with creative designs.

Tapered Mohawk and Side Designs
Source: pinterest

These designs can be anything from lines to patterns, adding an edgy twist to your look. It’s a daring choice for those who want to show off their adventurous and artistic side. With this hairstyle, you’re not just making a statement – you’re making art with your hair.

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Surgical Line with High Blade Fade:

A haircut that’s all about precision and style. The Surgical Line with High Blade Fade is just that. This look involves an elegant line, almost like an artistic detail in hair, gradually shorter on the sides.

And you can have super clean results and a sharp appearance that exudes sophistication. It’s the style that shows you pay attention to the details and want to make a polished impression. This style is your perfect match if you appreciate a refined and well-groomed look.

The Fanged Edgar:

Imagine a haircut that’s as daring as creative – that’s the Fanged Edgar style. This unique variation takes the Classic Peaked Edgar and adds angular lines resembling sharp fangs.

It’s a fresh and unexpected take on a polished look. The angular lines give an edgy and artistic touch, showing off your bold side. If you love to stand out and express your individuality, the Fanged Edgar is the perfect way.

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The Mullet hairstyle is all about standing out with a bold mix. In fact, Shorter hair on the sides and the front, but at the back, it’s a party! Moreover, With longer hair at the back, this style is like a surprise waiting to be seen.

Source: menshaircuts

It’s a classic look making a fantastic comeback, showing that being different can be stylish. Therefore, If you want a hairstyle that says you’re ready to rock confidently, the Mullet might be your thing.

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Side Swept Undercut:

The Side Swept Undercut does just that. With this style, the sides of your head are cut shorter while the top remains longer. The extended top section is brushed to the side, creating a relaxed and fabulous look.

It’s a mix of neatness and edginess, perfect for those who want to stand out with a trendy twist. This style is all about embracing individuality while looking effortlessly cool.

Wavy Textured Fringe:

Wavy Textured Fringe style features a front section of wavy hair gently falling over your forehead, therefore, creating a relaxed and laid-back vibe. The waves add a natural charm, while the textured effect gives your hair a nice look.

Hence, It’s like capturing the carefree day by the ocean and bringing it to your everyday style. In fact,  If you want a look that’s effortlessly cool and effortlessly you, the Wavy Textured Fringe is the way to go.

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Top Kot:

This look combines the ease of a top knot with a fresh twist. The more extended top section adds a touch of uniqueness while keeping the practicality of a top knot intact.

Top Kot
Source: menshaircuts

Therefore, Top Kot is a perfect match for those who want a distinctive and stylish appearance without sacrificing comfort. With the Top Kot style, you get the best of both worlds, making it a go-to choice for a fresh, easy-to-maintain look.

Textured Crop with Faded Sides:

The top section is styled with textured layers that give depth and movement, while the faded sides offer a clean and modern touch.

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Moreover, this combination creates a unique and easygoing look, making it an excellent choice for those who want a versatile and well-rounded style. Whether at work or out with friends, this haircut effortlessly complements your vibe.

If you’re aiming for a classic vibe or a bold statement, certainly,  these captivating styles showcase this haircut’s incredible range of possibilities.

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. Is the Short Sides Long Top Haircut suitable for all hair types?

Certainly! This haircut is adaptable to various hair textures, ranging from straight to curly and everything in between.

2. How do I style the long top section?

Styling the longer top can be as straightforward as applying a touch of pomade or secondly wax. In addition, use your fingers to sculpt the desired look.

3. Do I need frequent touch-ups for the faded sides?

While maintaining the fade may require periodic touch-ups, the frequency depends on the rate of your hair growth and your desired level of precision.


Summing up all the points; the Short Sides Long Top Haircut trend awaits for you in 2023! From cool fades to unique styles like Tossed Semi Curly Tops or Textured Crops with Faded Sides, express your unique personality. 

Above all, I Provided you with a vast variety of Short Sides Long Top Haircuts,  choose one and, easily transform your look and stand out!

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