Why Are My Clothes Ruined After Haircut

Why Are My Clothes Ruined After Haircut? -Explore Solutions!

Getting your clothes ruined after having a haircut can be frustrating and embarrassing as well. Your dress gets ruined due to issues like improper haircut techniques, clothing material, falling spray drops on your dress, improper cape usage, and post-hair-cut cleaning. 

However, these problems are not to worry about. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed guide about the reasons and how to avoid them to keep your clothes neat and clear after having a beautiful ha

Factors ruining your clothes after a haircut – Top 5 Reasons!

Wrong haircut Techniques of barber:

  • One of the main reasons why your clothes end up with small hair sticking on them is the Haircut techniques used by your hairstylist.
  • Traditional barbers use the old method of cutting, like using scissors and clippers, which produce much tiny hair that gets stuck on the dress and doesn’t easily get off.
  • However, Modern styles of textured haircuts also cause very tiny hair to fall and spoil wearing. Tiny microscopic airborne particles are also carried by air currents and adjoin your dress.
  • These attachments prove stubborn and are not easy to remove by shaking your shirt or by normal brushing.
Wrong haircut Techniques of barber
source: Buzzfeed.com

Problematic Clothing material:

  • The next thing that can result in a spoiled dress right after the haircut includes the fabric you wearing. The type of fabric of which your dress is made also influences how long hair remains stuck to your clothes.
  • Rough textured fabrics are more likely to attract hair towards them than smooth textured (i.e., silk or cotton).

Spray drops:

  • One of the reasons, other than hair sticking on clothes, is the falling of spray drops that your stylist applies before cutting to make your hair smooth and easy to cut. 
  • This spray also be applied after a haircut just to give a fresh look and keep your hair styled for some time.

Inadequate cape usage:

  • We know that Capes are used by barbers to avoid hair falling on your clothing while haircut. This is the best practice to use these capes, but what if sometimes capes not capture all the hair?
  • This problem happens sometimes when a cape has some fault in it that may, be a broken or torn part that creates a gap through which tiny hair makes its route and falls on your clothing. This is the reason that plays a part in ruining clothes to some extent.

Post-haircut cleanup:

  • Last but not least, this issue also comes from the stylist’s end when he doesn’t take post-haircut cleanup that seriously and does it in a hurry.
  • This causes unseen hair on the cape to fall on clothing and stuck on them. And some hair may fall on the chair that can cling to your clothes when you stand up.
Post-haircut cleanup
source: buzzfeed.com

Preventions and solutions To avoid your clothes from ruining after cutting:

Give proper instructions to your stylist:

Before the haircut starts, discuss with your stylist and tell him about your concerns about falling hair on your clothes and using hair spray carefully so that it can’t fall on your shirt. 

The need of the matter is to make sure your barber that your clothes are not getting the hair spray drops because these sprays contain some oxidizing agents that may cause color loss in your dress at once or after some time.

Give proper instructions to your stylist
source: rd.com

The best way to deal with the said problem is to communicate with your barber about your concerns. Surely an expert and professional hair stylist will take care of these things, and you won’t face the problem.

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Wear an extra layer:

You can take some precautions by yourself to avoid your clothes from getting spoiled, one of which is wearing an extra shirt at cutting time. You can use an old and useless shirt that protects your clothes from short hair particles sticking.

Before removing this extra layer, you should shake your dress gently so that maximum extra hair can be dislodged.  It is recommended to wear a loose and smooth dress while going to the hair stylist so that you fulfill the preventive measures from your side.

Inspect your clothing before leaving the salon:

After removing your extra layer, cape, and all lousy hair, just take a final look at your clothing. If any hair stays clung to your dress, ask your barber for assistance and get it removed.

What to do if your clothes get ruined after haircutting? – Some Tips!

You can clean your clothes in different ways to clean them. i.e.,

  • Use a hair dryer to blow your shirt, then shake it hard.
  • You can use a micro vacuum cleaner to get all your hair off. 
  • Transparent wide tape functions the same as the sticky paper roll, you can use it also.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should I wash my clothes after a haircut?

It is best to wash your shirt before wearing it again. If no hair is stuck on a shirt, then you can use it without washing. There is not a big issue regarding this.

2. How do I keep my hair from sticking to my clothes?

Here’s a tip for you to add half a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine while washing your clothes to avoid hair sticking to your clothes.


While the presence of tiny hair on your clothes after a haircut can be frustrating and annoying, it’s a common happening due to various factors like cutting techniques, spray drops, inadequate cape usage, and improper ways for barbers to deal with customers that cause dirtiness.

However, By taking some preventative measures on your own and communicating with your stylist, you can minimize the impact on your clothing and enjoy your fresh new look without any unnecessary hassle.

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