Why Is Alcohol Rubbed On The Head After A Haircut

Why Is Alcohol Rubbed On The Head After A Haircut? – Sparkling Benefits You Must Know!

Rubbing Alcohol on your head after having a haircut is of vital importance for some reasons are disinfecting your skin against germs after a haircut and minimizing the chances of infection, acne, or razor bumps that can be caused by the usage of straight razors or tools used by your hairdresser

Here in this article, there is complete detail on why Alcohol is rubbed on the head after a haircut, its benefits, and many more. So go ahead, and know what you want!

Why To Use Alcohol After Haircut? – Why The Need Arise!

First of All, we’ll discuss all the possible reasons for rubbing Alcohol after having a haircut. Hair-cutting is a process in which scissors, razors, and other sharp tools are used. 

These tools can leave minor invisible cuts on your scalp that can’t be felt immediately but can cause serious issues later. 

To keep yourself safe, you need the application of a good disinfectant to sterilize the skin and prevent any infection. Here, I’ll list some benefits of applying alcohol that surely will help you.

Benefits of Alcohol Application After Haircut:

  • Alcohol has properties that help remove excessive oil ( making your scalp less greasy) and sweat from the scalp that irritates it.
  • Applying Alcohol helps in tightening the skin pores that act as a safety guard against invading germs.
  • One more benefit of Alcohol is that it also helps in killing factors on the skin that cause acne, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.
  • It can help remove residue from hair products like gels, waxes, or sprays used by hairdressers that have been left on the scalp after a haircut.
  • Refreshing cool sensation proves relaxing for some people. The cooling sensation of rubbing alcohol can temporarily increase blood flow to the scalp, which some believe can promote hair health.

What If Your Hairstylist Is Not Applying Alcohol?

This is generally not a very serious issue to argue with your stylist because this is not a necessary part of a haircut. But if you are concerned about doing this, you can ask him to rub alcohol.

However, after demanding that your barber cannot provide this service, you can do it by adopting other strategies. These strategies can be your self-care, using hygienic products of self-care, and consulting your dermatologist if any irritation or reaction occurs.

What If Your Hairstylist Is Not Applying Alcohol
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Remember one thing always: communication with your hairdresser is key. If you have specific preferences to ask, don’t hesitate to discuss them before the haircut and during the haircut.

Your barber will surely do his best to meet your needs. Moreover, you can change your barber for next time as it is a matter of your satisfaction and health.

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Alcohol That Can Be Used After Haircut:

  • In this section, the most important thing is going to be discussed that all should know before demanding an Alcohol application. Before your barber applies Alcohol on your skin, ensure it is rubbing alcohol.
  • Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl or isopropanol Alcohol, which has 70% Alcohol content and 30% water. This composition of Alcohol makes it safe for use on the skin.
  • It is firm and effective against bacterial and viral particles and is in great contact with hydrogen gas, due to which it evaporates very fast. 
Alcohol That Can Be Used After Haircut
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  • Most of the barbers use the same above-discussed composition of alcohol, i.e., 70% isopropanol.
  • Apart from all the above discussion, everything that benefits us also has some problematic ends that we should be aware of.
  • The following section will discuss some side effects of Alcohol rubbing after cutting. 

Some Side Effects Of Applying Alcohol On A Shaved Head And Their Solutions:

  •   Burning sensation
  •   Skin dryness
  •   Temporary stinging
  •   Allergic reactions

Burning sensation:

You will feel like something hot or burning is hurting you when you apply Alcohol. However, this is not to worry because this sensation will end shortly. It is a natural thing that happens after every application of alcohol, even if it is not on the head or any other body part.

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Skin Dryness:

Now, we will have an overview of why skin gets dry after being rubbed by alcohol. When alcohol comes in contact with your skin, it will remove the oil from your skin and defat the skin.

Skin Dryness
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This causes dryness of the skin more than usual. This is not a matter of great concern because it happens due to virus control and quickly turns to normal.

Temporary stinging:

If your skin is somewhat cracked or has some open parts, applying alcohol can also have a stingy effect, just like when you apply spirit on the wound to clean it. This stinging happens due to Alcohol’s contact with the nerves of the cracked part.

The stinging remains for a while and vanishes. Timing is all about the intensity of a cracked part and your tolerance to bear pain. Normally, this feeling stops in a minute or less.

Allergic reactions:

The last but most important problem is that most of the face comes in contact with Alcohol. The situation is not life-threatening but can cause discomfort like itching, redness, etc.

Allergic reactions
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Allergy does not affect all the people but very few of them. Those who face the problem remain in the allergic condition for two to four weeks.

Some Precautions And Solutions against side effects:

First, there is no need to worry, and you need to be relaxed and calm when you feel any of the above-discussed side effects because they will surely last a minute or half.

Then, if we talk about skin dryness especially, temporary dryness is controlled by after-shave lotions or regular moisturizers. But if the condition prevails and you are not recovering, you must consult your skin specialist for professional advice.  

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After having an allergic reaction, instantly apply some soothing lotions or anti-irritant. Moreover, you must inform your barber that your skin is allergic to Alcohol and ask to use some effective alternatives to disinfect your skin.

Finally, All you have to do is relax and let the reaction finish, as it always finishes after a bit of time in most cases.

Substitutes To Replace Alcohol – Some Other Disinfectants To Try:

Well, I have found several Alternatives by which Alcohol can be replaced. If someone is allergic to Alcohol, then he/ she should try one of the following listed replacements.

Substitutes To Replace Alcohol
Source: MensXP
  •   Lemon or lime juice (A natural and disinfectant)
  •   Distilled spirits
  •   After-shave lotions
  •   Hydrogen peroxide
  •   Vinegar
  •   Witch hazel
  •   Post-shave balms

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will stinging from Alcohol stay?

Stinging usually lasts a minute or a half, depending on the cut or crack intensity. It is not a matter of worry because it happens due to alcohol’s contact with nerves that instantly react and stop after a very little while.

2. How does a barber apply alcohol to my head?

Your barber uses his techniques to apply alcohol; they can do it in different ways, i.e., by directly applying with hands like oiling, via spray shower, or by applying it with tissue paper.

3. How long does the burning sensation from alcohol application last?

The reactions after applying alcohol are not to be worried much. In the same way, as a burning sensation is one of these, it will surely end up in a few times.

4. What is the ideal amount of alcohol to use?

One should use the amount of Alcohol probably equal to hand sanitizer or lotion. Barbers also use almost this amount because too much can cause problems like stinging, burning, or itching that will last longer than normal.

Summing Up The Discussion!

Finally, I am going to conclude my discussion in a nutshell. 

Rubbing Alcohol is a necessary step after a haircut to ensure that little cuts on your skin become germ-free and can’t cause problems in the future. Moreover, it is also recommended for other reasons like pore closing, skin tightening, and oil control. 

However, alcohol application can prove irritating or stingy, but you must endure it to avoid further problems. 

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