Can I Bring Hair Cutting Shears On A Plane?

Can I Bring Hair Cutting Shears On A Plane? – 2023 Details!

Recently I have had to go on a business trip where the seniors of my company will also join us for a welcome party. Being a busy person I was unable to get a haircut, so I decided to do this right after landing. But unluckily the size of the shears I have packed with me does not satisfy the TSA rules.

Yes, We can take the shears with us until they are not sharp, not longer than 4 inches, and are available in carry-on luggage.
These are the requirements of TSA, that need to be fulfilled if you want a safe flight with your bunch of scissors.

Let me elaborate on these factors for the ease of you guys. As I have been through this situation, I know how to deal with this. So, Read On!

Terms and regulations of TSA about bringing cutting shears in the plane – You Must Know!

  • They Don’t allow sharp scissors.
  • You must Wrap the scissors properly and secure them efficiently.
  • Scissors should have to be packed in Cary On baggage.
  • The required Shears size is a maximum of 4 inches.
Terms and regulations of TSA about bringing cutting shears in the plane.
Source: besttravelluggage

Of course, the rules and regulations are constantly changing. So, it’s important before you travel to the TSA website that nothing changes to make sure.

How can you take cutting shears with you on the plane? – Easy Steps!

1. Make sure to have 4-5 inches long-sized scissors.

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind is that the size of the shears you have decided to take along with you should be 4-5 inches long only.

Every department has its own rules, So TSA allows to take the scissors only on 1 condition if they are not longer than this range.

In case you have 6-inch long scissors, 8-inch, or even 10-inch long scissors fully packed and secured, You aren’t allowed to take them with you.

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2. Next, Try To Take Shears in carry-on bags:

The next thing to which you have to pay attention is, You must put these scissors in the Hand carry you have. As many people take longer shears with them, there will be a mess to take them out from the suitcase, or luggage they have.

Try To Take Shears in carry-on bags
Source: travelinglight

This is why TSA recommended putting them in hand carry and letting them scan and take out easily if they do not fulfill the size requirements.

3. Don’t Forget To Wrap these shears properly:

It must be sure that the scissors wrap safely and come home safely. If the scissors come in that you have the sleeve then you wrap and wrap the bubble paper or the heavy paper.

Last but not least, You have to wrap the scissors properly so that will not cause any harm. To cover them up there are a lot of things But I always recommend having a Bubble Paper or the Heavy Paper.

Don’t Forget To Wrap these shears properly
Source: aliexpress

Because they shed it up completely and securely. You can follow the tips I have mentioned here in order to wrap them up.

  • First of all, Pick a small box or padded envelope
  • Then take the Heavy paper or bubble wrap and start rolling it up over the front face of the shears.
  • Use tape to secure the paper over scissors.

And that’s all, You have finally wrapped your shears and now they are ready to bring with you. Just make sure to have a Printed or handwritten address over it in case you leave them at the airport or other hazards.

Best Hair-Cutting Scissors for Travel – Top 3 Most Admirable Shears!

1. Texturizing Scissors:

Blending the shears removes the weight of the dark lines in the hair. These shears work very fast and look the natural result.

2. Swivel Scissors:

 It’s not a secret cutting hair all day you injuries and repetitive strains. Swivel shears solve all these problems and longevity is your carer.

Swivel Scissors
Source: scissortec

These ergonomic tools relax your side elbow allowing you to keep your wrist straight with just your fingers while steering and the other blade does the rest. They are available in a variety of blade lengths in both dry cutting and wet cutting.

3. Slide Cutting Scissors:

Slide-cutting scissors could not be a struggle. An ultra-sharp convex blade without ripping the cuticle will slide through the minimal force with hair.

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How many types of scissors wrap kits? – Take A Look!

  • Leaf Canvas Kit Roll: This canvas kit protects all our scissors, and razors and is designed to hold and keep protection all the time. The kit is perfect for your traveling made of a strong, canvas material.
  •  Leather Scissor Sheat: The sheet is made of handcraft and soft leather and features a magnetic back to protect the tool to keep it sharp and not easy to rust.
  • Fabric Scissor Sheat: The fabric sheet is made soft and protects your scissors completely this fabric protects your sleeve and blade from being nicked and dulled.
  • Cardstock Scissor paper: Good quality paper scissors may have to help keep control of slippery cardstock. It’s a good idea to have a large pair of paper and a shiny coating.

Can I take my scissors in the cabin if I am flying in a plane? – Must Check!

Yes, if your scissor blades are 4 inches. Otherwise, your shears blade is less than 4 inches than you pack in the checked luggage. Don’t allow in the cabin if your scissors wrap in box cutters, meat cleavers, or plastic cutlery. 

Can I take my scissors in the cabin if I am flying in a plane?
Source: istockphoto


1. What sharp objects can you bring in a carry-on?

You are allowed to carry on, a nail shaper, nail scissors, hair-cutting scissors, and many kinds of things if the size is 4 inches or less than on a pivot point. All these tools are wrapped securely in the checked luggage.

2. Can I bring nail scissors on a plane?

Yes, you can bring nail scissors and a clipper on a plane if this length is more than 4 inches and you wrap it in a plastic bag. 

3. How should I pack my hairdressing scissors?

It’s important, in more cases hairdressing scissors are less than 4 inches so not packers in the hand luggage. So, it is recommended that you should pack the checked baggage.

4. Can I take hair clippers on a plane?

Yes, if the TSA security administrator permits you on a plane, then you can pack hand luggage.

5. Can I take my hairdressing scissors in my hand luggage?  

Yes, you take scissors in your hand luggage if the size of the shears is 4 inches long. If the shears are longer than 4 inches then you put them in the luggage.


In short, we can say,

Yes, You can Bring Hair Cutting Shears On A Plane if they are according to TSA requirements. 4 inches long, not sharp enough, fully packed, and in a carry-on bag.

Make sure to follow the guidelines I have compiled above and enjoy your safest flight!

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